A Kenyan motivational speaker beaten to comma after telling jobless youths that he started his chicken business with just a feather.

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A motivational speaker somewhere in Kenya was beaten to stupor moments after he told jobless youths that he started his chicken business with just a feather.

Some of the angry youths maintained that he’s being hypocritical and that he is among the reasons the young generation has lost hope and faith in the governance of the country.

The motivational speaker identified as Wilberforce Anduvate is reported to have initially started off well using very encouraging words like “If you work hard during the day you will surely eat at night while relaxing. If you invest in farming you will end up a millionare in a span of one year!”

Hell broke loose when the 47 year old started narrating his success story to the group of young men who were actively taking notes.

“Many years ago, I was just idle and hopeless waiting for white collor jobs just like you before I ventured into my chicken business. You cannot imagine it is just one feather that motivated me to do what would be my life fortune” he started.

It is reported that a section of those in attendance did not take the statement lightly and pounced on the motivational speaker.

According to the youths, motivational speakers in the country have a habit of misleading jobless youths and this is a reason for escalating depression in the recent years.

Source:Flame TV Kenya

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