“I saw many Luos shouting Baba kende in hell ” 10-year-old Reverend shares vision and calls for Repetance

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Reverend Victor Githu at NTV studios on January19 2020

Reverend Victor Githu has been criticized by social media users moments after he alleged that the spirit of the Lord took him to hell on Saturday night.

According to the teenage pastor, the spirit of idolatry has taken over the church of the Lord in the country. ” The Lord has sent me to preach repentance in this country. Many will ignore my message because I am young but the wrath of the Lord will surely not spare the sinful souls. Amongst the people I saw shouting Baba kende are Luos and it is my duty to preach salvation to them” Victor Githu narrated.

Reverend Githu has further stated that the Lord has sent him to tell the nation to shun from destructive beliefs like witchcraft.

Reverend Githu once confessed to having attempted to take his life at the age of five, when his mother tried to curtail his blossoming career.

“I told myself, ‘you lady if you do not want me to preach, it is better I commit suicide’. But as I was trying to tie the rope, I remembered I needed to say goodbye to my brother. My brother could not let me die and he immediately ran to inform my mum,” he once narrated.

  1. Eric ogechi says

    This lad has his mind polluted with tribal vitriolic mentality as implanted by the tribesmen. The hatred he shows,one wonders why he is hiding in religion.

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