Oscar Sudi reveals plans to circumcise Raila before December if he is to succeed President Kenyatta

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Oscar Sudi has finally revealed the plans to have Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga , circumcised before December.

He sent a stern warning to the opposition chief, advising him against doing anything contrary or leaving the country any time before the December holiday begins.

The Kapseret legislator said “Mimi nataka niambie yule mtu wa Bondo kwamba kama ni lazima aachiwe Urais na Uhuru Kenyatta ni lazima tumtahiri kabla Disemba loosely translated to ” I want to tell the Bondo person that if it is a must for him to take over President Kenyatta then we must circumcise him before December”

He added that the exercise will be carried out whether Raila Odinga embraces it or not, saying that even though he may not have the will for it, they have the means to compel him to succumb to their demands due to elaborate plans in motion.

Oscar Sudi emphasized that they’re willing to incorporate the full support of the government to help them monitor, closely, the ODM leader . This, he said, is to help see to it that Raila Odinga did not disappear into thin air out of the Kenyan borders before this noble rite is performed on him.

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