“Prepare for mother of all nakedness if you dissolve parliament” Kibor to lead thousands of men in stripping naked to protest against 2/3 gender debate

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Billionaire Jackson Kibor has urged President Kenyatta to ignore pressure from the Judiciary to dissolve parliament over a non issue.

Kibor who is planning to lead a mega demo in various cities if the parliament is dissolved has asked men to come in their birth suits and protest against move to please one gender over the other.

The retired politician has asked women in the country to fight for leadership positions and shun from just waiting to be appointed.

“Vagina is not a disability. Let them be warned. I will be leading a team of men in the country to protest this move. We will even be forced to go naked. You will see the mother of all nakedness if you try dissolving the parliament ” he stated.

Maraga asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament — itself noncompliant with the two-thirds gender rule — for failure to enact the law which provides for gender balance.

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