“As a man of God you cannot satisfy a borehole” Jowie sheds light on why he broke up with Ella

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Suspected murderer Jowie Irungu and new lover Ella are currently not in good terms going by the recent developments noticed on their social media accounts.

Apparently the two have unfollowed each other on instagram social media platform something that can be interpreted as trouble between the two.

The revealations were made public by local blogs on Wednesday. The news came as a shock to many bearing in mind that the two had only made public their relationship less than two months ago.

According to Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, Ella has a dark past that only God can forgive but not a human being.

“As a man of God, you cannot satisfy a borehole. Before you,there were others who failed to satisfy her. God’s revelation to me is that I should preach about the gospel minus a wife to avoid the tainting of my spiritual well being. I just want to concentrate in breaking soul ties and discovering the spiritual side of the man I have become ” Jowie said in a statement.

Jowie now praises Bachelorhood as the only route that is next to godliness. He urges that a man is bound to fulfill the gospel by keeping a distance away from women.

“In my case for example, it’s women who led to my downfall and I ended up in prison for a crime I never committed. The spirit of the Lord has commanded me to avoid what might make me fall again and that’s exactly what I have done” he added.

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