Did Kanze Dena give birth to a son resembling President Kenyatta?

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Statehouse Spokesperson Kanze Dena has been reported to be on maternity leave.

A source who spoke to local blogs revealed that she might have already given birth.

‘She gave birth a week ago, yes, she will be on maternity leave for three months,’ the source whispered.

Media outlets reached out to the former Citizen TV Swahili news presenter who was shocked that the news had leaked.

Dena however did not confirm nor deny the fact that she has already given birth.

Another source indicates that Nick Mararo is a worried man after his wife gave birth to a son whose appearance is like that of President Kenyatta.

We are unable to bring out the full information since the matter at hand is very sensitive.

More to follow.

“Eeeeh, no comment. No comment. Yes, no comment.”

Asked whether she is okay she said,

‘Yes,’ and hang up

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