“I have a son with Uhuru Kenyatta” Susan Kihika now wants justice

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Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika now wants Kenyans to help her demand justice from President Uhuru Kenyatta. She feels wasted by the President after he got her pregnant and scampered away.

Susan Kihika has repeatedly blamed politicians for taking advantage of daughters of lesser gods. She says her meeting with Mr Kenyatta started way back in February 2006 and that is the same month Doctors revealed to her that she was carrying another human being in her womb.

“He has been supporting me for a while but stopped doing it the moment he got ill mentally and started supporting wannabes. Life has not been simple at all as months have passed by without me taking his kid to any picnic ” an emotional Kihika stated.

“Kenyans should come out strongly and ensure my son is included in the will of his father. It has been hard to reach a consensus with the family as they keep referring to me as a mad woman” she added.

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