ANC downplays impact of organisational report ahead of Limpopo conference

JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress (ANC) has downplayed the impact of an organisational report on the delays ahead of the start of the much-anticipated Limpopo provincial conference.

However, Eyewitness News understands a heated debate over the quality of the report produced by the outgoing provincial secretary Soviet Lekganye has resulted in at least three drafts with the final expected to be approved on Friday.

Lekganye has been nominated to return to his office, featuring on a slate up against Premier Stan Mathabatha, the current chairperson also vying to return to office.

The provincial executive committee (PEC) was quick to adopt the political report by Stan Mathabatha and the treasurer’s report compiled by Basikopo Makamu on behalf of Danny Msiza who has stepped aside.

It rejected at least two versions of the organisation’s reports by Lekganyane.

This as some slammed him for centering himself in a report meant to represent the PEC.

This reaction is at odds with the majority of the PEC that accepted Mathabatha’s report, though he’s also said to have kept it to himself until the last minute.

Mathabatha attempted to explain the issues around the organisational report to journalists saying, "The reason why we spent a lot of time in the PEC today is because we wanted to get into the details, wanted to be very meticulous and to have everything exactly right."

Mathabatha is likely to close this conference by winning a third term in office while uncertainty around Lekganye remains as some delegates believe he still has something to offer.

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