ANC may have to redo the verification of all Ekhuruleni branches

The African National Congress (ANC) may have to redo the verification of all Ekurhuleni branches, as there has been no announcement on the leadership of the region due to the 19 quarantined votes. Re-elected Regional Secretary TK Nciza has been accused of frustrating and manipulating guidelines for the branch general meetings ahead of the disputed results and credentials of conference.

Quarantined Branches have also accused the ANC’s NEC team led by Jeff Radebe of being quiet and not calling them to portray their side of the story. The battle for control of the ANC in Ekurhuleni is far from over. Some quarantined branches have accused Regional Secretary TK Nciza of manipulation and frustrating branches that didn’t support him. Thabisa Makapaka of ward 56 says her branch was frustrated six times when holding their branch general meeting in order not to make it to the regional conference.

“Our branch is one of the most targeted by the ANC leadership in equal learning in particular, comrades know why I’m saying that because we have tried to attempt to sit on a number of occasions. On the first attempt what happened, TK gave the coordinator a draft data, the one that was supposed to be used when we’re doing verification in our pre-PGM but instead, he gave that draft data to the coordinator and we were made to sign it under duress,” says Thabisa Makapaka: Ward 56 branch secretary.

Makapaka goes further to accuse Nciza of side-lining the branch because it supported Doctor Xhakaza.

“The main reason is that we have four delegates in our branch that was supposed to be part of that conference and it is a known fact that we are not supporting the collective leadership of TK and Mzwandile,” Makapaka added.

One of the quarantined branches says they were disqualified a day before the regional conference when they initially had passed the verification process nationally. Branch Secretary Samson Lukhele says TK Nciza failed to communicate with the branch secretary on the exclusion of the branch.

“On the ninth of April our branch sat and elected the new BC and nominated candidates for both region and province and elected delegates, submitted the package to the province. On the 28th of April we saw a report that our branch has been qualified and on the 13th there was a report again that says our branch has been disqualified, the report says our branch did not finish the process,” says Samson Lukhele: Branch secretary 108.

The Branches have also accused the Team Led by Jeff Radebe of not communicating or seeking evidence from the six quarantined branches.

“We don’t know what is happening, we have not heard anything from national and the region. We are in the dark,” Lukhele added.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says a decision on the matter will be communicated very soon.

“We are acting expeditiously on the matter of Ekurhuleni because there must be certainty on the matter. Part of the reason we are getting involved is because verification happens at a national level,” says Mabe.

ANC members in Ekurhuleni are still confused on the matter of leadership of the region with the provincial conference weeks away.

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