Cosatu: EFF’s plan to establish trade union will worsen state of labour movement

JOHANNESBURG – Trade union federation Cosatu says the EFF’s plan to establish a trade union will worsen the “already fragmented” state of the labour movement.

The red berets announced earlier this month that its planned union would rival Cosatu and never sell out workers.

But Cosatu President Zingiswa Losi says the EFF’s latest move will be unhelpful.

EFF leader Julius Malema told supporters at his party’s May Day rally earlier this month that his party had plans to establish a trade union because existing labour representatives were not fulfilling the workers’ mandate.

He said his party’s labour desk had been inundated with complaints about current unions by workers.

However, Losi has cast doubt on the opposition political party’s prospects of success.

“When there is too much fragmentation that is already taking place, you add to it and a political party establishing a trade union brings to question what the independence of that trade union to your political party.”

In response to criticism over Cosatu’s own ties with a political party, the ANC, Losi said the union federation remained independent of the governing party despite forming part of the Tripartite Alliance that also includes the SACP.

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