Eskom admits to failure to find solutions to some of its ongoing problems

Power utility Eskom has admitted that it has failed to find solutions to some of the ongoing problems.

This after a damning report by the University of Johannesburg, which alleges that Eskom’s programme of Load Reduction is based on apartheid-era principles.

Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha says they find it hard to prevent people from connecting electricity illegally.

“There is no solution because Eskom cannot physically guard people to stop them from climbing up electricity poles and connect illegally. It is the people that must guard themselves and condemn each other for stealing electricity,” says Mantshantsha.

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The report by the University of Johannesburg titled “Energy Racism” also highlights “special price agreements” with which Eskom has signed with mining companies Anglo and South32.

These agreements allow Eskom to sell electricity at much lower rates to two of the biggest mining companies in Africa.

Mantshantsha admits this agreement was signed under the apartheid government.

“The contract that you mention was signed in 1989 when the country had more electricity than it needed. You will remember that this was a time when Eskom only supplied electricity to only a certain race,” says Mantshantsha.

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