Evidence of alleged money laundering, racketeering against Ramaphosa available: Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema claims there is more evidence related to money laundering and racketeering allegations against President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The EFF has released a video of two men who broke into the President’s Phala Phala farm in Limpopo, where millions of dollars were allegedly stolen.

Addressing the media in Braamfontein, Malema says there is evidence of more money being counted on a plane.

“There is more [evidence] where money is [being] counted in the plane. Money in [US] dollars with faces of people [visible] counted in the plane. Let them continue … there is more that these people have been doing in this country … bringing money illegally [and] not being held accountable,” adds Malema.

EFF media briefing below:

Last week, former State Security Agency director-general Arthur Fraser laid a criminal complaint against Ramaphosa over the money allegedly stolen by Namibians who conspired with the President’s domestic worker two years ago.

Sunday Times defends its reporting style

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times has defended its reporting style in response to allegations of criminal activity leveled against President Cyril Ramaphosa.

It comes after EFF leader claimed that the newspaper was attempting to divert attention away from allegations of theft at Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm in Limpopo.

The Sunday Times’ Editor S’thembiso Msomi explains, “Mr Malema was reacting to a question asked by a colleague at the press conference. He seemed to be unhappy with the question that my colleague asked about the Guptas. We had gone to the press conference because we did think that what the EFF had to say on the issue of President Ramaphosa was important and we wanted to report on that. I don’t think there is anything that there can be said in the newspaper trying to cover up for the President. We put the story on the front page. We went all out to get the affidavit and even our editorial demanded that the President answer all the questions being asked.”

This was Malema’s response to a Sunday Times’ question at Tuesday’s media briefing in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

“The Sunday Times is not innocent. It is fictional and political. They must continue to do that like the New Age did and they will have themselves to blame when a paper takes a deliberate decision to become a faction. When we came here we knew that the Sunday Times was going to ask unrelated questions. Why? Because they’ll have to write something about this press conference. So they ask unrelated questions so they cover the press conference, not to what the press conference is about but for something else as their attempt to suppress the story.”


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