Woman threatening to jump from roof of Sandton City moved to safety

JOHANNESBURG – A woman who was threatening to jump from Sandton City’s parking roof has been safely removed from the edge of the building.

Sandton City management together with police and the South African Depression and Anxiety Group facilitated the safe escort of the women who has been taken to a place of safety.

Emergency personal were forced to blocked off traffic in Alice Lane in Johannesburg on Friday after the women who was described as “distressed” threatened to jump from the top of Sandton City.

However, following hours of negotiations authorities managed to convince her to come back down from the ledge where she had been standing since the early hours of Friday morning.

The cordoned street was filled with paramedics, metro police and security officials who all assisted in dispersing crowds throughout the day.

The mall’s management thanked the operations team for their relentless effort and support during the ordeal, and for successfully discouraging what they call a potential tragedy.

The mall is operating and trading as normal, while Alice Lane was reopened to traffic.

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